Employment relationships are governed by a complex set of rules created by numerous laws and regulations. In particular issues like the handling of supervisory employees, overtime and part time workers are of high importance when running a business. With the growing awareness of employees of their rights, labor disputes have become more common than in the past with safety obligations, workers' accidents, etc. being subject to constantly developing case law.

Mainly representing the employer side, we have a wide range of experience from responses to industrial tribunals, Labor Relations Commission and courts in regard to disputes including labor related litigation and collective bargains to the providing of advice on enactment and revisions in employment related rules problems and everyday personnel problems. We also provide solutions to labor problems arising from restructures due to corporate acquisitions, mergers, corporate breakups as well as labor problems arising from bankruptcy and rehabilitation plans based on our wealth of experience in organizational restructure plans and bankruptcy and business rehabilitation plans.

Moreover, we also possess an abundance of experience in cases involving labor disputes at foreign companies and their affiliated companies and in the provision of contract related advice where it is necessary to respond keeping in perspective the peculiarities and differences in Japanese labor law.

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