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Corporate Restructuring / M&A

The environment faced by corporations has altered dramatically during the process of structural reform of the Japanese economy in recent years. Whether large corporations or small to medium enterprises, and regardless of whether international or domestic, municipal or regional, it has been critical for all enterprises to respond swiftly and accurately to the changes in their respective business environments. Organizational restructuring and M&A are important tools in corporate management strategies.

Our law offices have abundant experience in organizational restructures and M&A. We utilize the specialist knowledge we have not only of the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and the Exchange Law, the Anti-monopoly Act and other laws but also of accounting and tax practice to provide appropriate support to our client corporations in line with their needs. We are involved in all processes of business restructuring (M&A) including examination and selection of schemes such as merger, de-merger, asset deal or stock transfer, due diligence, and negotiations and reconciliation of interests of relevant parties.

We can also respond to business restructuring involving foreign corporations, and depending on the case we can work together with one of our overseas partners and provide an appropriate solution from among a significant range of options.

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