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The economic activities of corporations are wide-ranging, and the legal issues which arise as a consequence are not only related to commercial law or company law but encompass labor law, anti-monopoly law, financial instruments law, tax law and many other areas. Furthermore, with the globalization of the economy, more and more cases span multiple jurisdictions in particular the United States, European Union countries, China and Russia.

At Hayabusa Asuka Law Offices we give advice after consulting with our client corporations on solutions from a variety of angles in connection with the social and economic environments surrounding the legal issues which the client faces. As well as being involved in matters relating to General Shareholders' Meetings, drafting of contracts, Articles of Incorporation and other company rules, establishment of internal controls, employment rules and other regulations related to labor matters, we also provide a wide range of legal support such as conflict resolution through negotiations with third parties.

Our staff includes attorneys with more than twenty years experience in the legal affairs departments of large corporations, including the first General Manager of the legal affairs department of a well-known petroleum corporation, an attorney with more than twenty years experience in a world leading IT company, and a former attorney for a leading Japanese trading company. Our attorneys have also worked as external auditors for a multitude of companies. Our attorneys understand the critical nature of legal affairs for corporate management and leverage on their experience to give advice from a practical perspective in line with corporate practice and provide support for legal affairs departments and internal controls departments of corporations.

Our law office has provided advice in connection with joint venture agreements between foreign and domestic corporations, long-term trade contracts, license agreements and other contracts in connection with cross-border matters. In order to handle such matters, we have available the services of foreign law attorneys, attorneys with experience working in overseas law offices and in the law department of world leading multinationals. In cooperation with LANDWELL we provide legal support for the business of our client corporations in the US, Europe and around the world.

In situations where disputes lead to litigation or arbitration, we take swift and appropriate steps with the support of our attorneys who have experience as judges and prosecutors, and offer practical advice on the prospects of litigation based on their wealth of experience.

In this way, our main duty consists of being involved daily in the various aspects of the legal issues faced by our clients and in finding solutions from a multi-angle perspective.

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