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Information Technology & Communications

The progress of communications technology beginning with the Internet has significantly revolutionized corporate activity. Many problems peculiar to the information technology and communications field are arising in business, problems which were not envisaged when laws were enacted, and the legal system needs to respond swiftly.

In this way, the importance of legal problems has grown in the present age and our law offices have handled many cases in the field of information and communications technology where the law needs to respond to progress.

The scope of information communications field is broad, and our law offices have handled a wide array of cases from the electronic communications field as exemplified by the Internet to computer software licenses, and service businesses such as systems development and outsourcing. In each case we have provided reviews and counsel regarding contracts and business models as well as conflict resolution in accordance with laws ranging from the Telecommunications Business Law, the Companies Act, and the Anti-monopoly Act to labor laws and the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. Also, for cases which have developed into disputes, we have undertaken a wide range of cases from voluntary out-of-court negotiations to performance of litigation.

At Hayabusa Asuka Law Offices we have provided contract related counsel including drafting of legal documentation and contracts and conflict resolution not only for Japanese corporations but also for EU, U.S. and other foreign corporations and their subsidiaries and affiliates. With our global alliance of offices we have the capability to provide legal services to resolve disputes originating overseas where it is necessary to have the services of a local attorney.

We have available the services of an attorney who specializes in Legal Informatics and who is appointed by government agencies to study foreign laws and regulations.

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