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Nov.16, 2017   Yasuyuki Suzuki made a presentation entitled “How a lawyer can contribute to a bank as a compliance officer” at Finance Law Studying Group of Toyo Bar Association on Thursday, November 16.
Nov.10, 2017   Yasuyuki Suzuki wrote a series of articles entitled "Possibility of Bitcoin in E-Commerce and points to note".
Aug.01, 2017   Yasuyuki Suzuki (Attorney-at-law) joined our firm.
Jan.10, 2017   Zhou Jiaping (Shanghai Municipal Lawyers Association) joined our firm.
Jan.05, 2017   Nozomi Miyauchi (Attorney-at-law), Taiki Kamimura (Attorney-at-law) joined our firm.
Dec. 05, 2016   Koki Tada held the seminar entitled “Inheritance and Business Succession” at Yokohama branch office of the Prudential Life Insurance Co., Ltd. on Monday, December 5.
Nov. 08, 2016   Takehiro Fujita held the seminar entitled “Update of Syndicated Loan Agreement under Amendments to Civil Code“ on Wednesday, December 7.
Aug. 31, 2016   Koki Tada submitted a report as a member of the third-party committee for the third-party allotment for Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange to Tanaka Chemical Corporation listed on the JASDAQ.
Jun. 04, 2016   Mr. Koki Tada, an Attorney at Law, attended the annual conference of Lexing Network held in Shanghai, China.
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