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The globalization and liberalization of finance encourages continuous development of financial products available in Japan. With the full enforcement of the Financial Instruments and the Exchange Law, regulations covering financial instruments have become increasingly complicated and related documentation becoming more and more extensive. Furthermore, there are ongoing revisions of regulations and easing of financial regulations under the Banking Law and the Insurance Business Law which requires Japanese attorneys to continuously update their expertise.

In this environment of daily change in aspects of business and law, in order to meet the expectations of our clients in the finance business and financial institutions, we need to have a thorough understanding of the relevant laws and regulations as well as flexible and diverse knowledge founded on a working knowledge of practical business affairs. For investments structured through overseas SPCs in low tax jurisdictions, we are closely working together with an extensive network of local advisors enabling us to respond quickly to the needs of our clients.

Hayabusa Asuka Law Offices have been involved in the field of structured finance since the early days of securitization of real estate and our attorneys have diverse experience with appointments to the Financial Services Agency and organization of research conferences. Through our international network including our cooperative relationship with LANDWELL, we have provided legal counsel for a wide range of finance matters from issuance of new shares and corporate bonds to structured finance which is primarily the securitization of real estate. In the field of real estate securitization, we were legal adviser as to Japanese law for the listing of the first Singapore REIT investing exclusively in Japanese properties.

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